31 October 2008

SHS Reunion Dinner

A Fun Filled Evening

The Alumni managed to organised the 21st Annual Reunion Dinner at Crown Square this evening - introducing several new items for those who attended. Superb teamwork as always kept the spirit of the reunion alive with several lively performance by the present students of SMK Sacred Heart Sibu who came all the way from Sibu.

Backdrop for the 21st Annual Reunion Dinner

Souvenir Book Magazine and ticket for the dinner

The dinner hall was packed with Alumni Members and their families

Members enjoying a light moment during one of the presentations

SMK Sacred Heart Sibu Students, mostly School Prefects showing off their dance skills at the dinner

Watch this space as it will be updated with more photos and news of the dinner. Some photos are already in the SHS Picasa Album on the left corner of the Blog. Presently the committees's are taking the SMK Sacred Heart Students from Sibu around Kuching for a City Tour.

30 October 2008

21st Reunion Dinner Tomorrow

All Systems Go!

The Alumni Committee is currently in full swing to ensure that the event for the 21st Reunion dinner for the night of 31st proceeds on smoothly at the Crown Square.

The magazine for the dinner in the draft stage

Looking forward to the menu

27 October 2008

SMK Sacred Heart Speech Day 2008

The President Speaks At SHS Speech Day

On 27th October 2008, Monday, Dr. Bryan Lim the Alumni President attended the School Speech Day which was held for the fifth year. Dato' (Dr.) Clement Hii, Cr. Robert Lau Hui Yew, President of SHOSA, and the Alumni President delivered speeches to the students. After that awards were presented to deserving students for academic achievements, sports, extra co-curicular activities and so on.

Lion dances were performance during the Speech Day

The magazine cover for the SMK Sacred Heart Speech Day on 27th October 2008

Borneo Post article on 28 Oct 2008

Additional images on the Speech Day can be viewed at the SMK Sacred Heart Photobucket Album. Below are some images obtained with thanks from the SMK Sacred Heart Photobucket Team.

More images at SHS Photobucket

Below is the President's account on the activities that during the event (edited to include relevant information):

I am happy to report on my attendance of the School Speech Day.

After arriving in the morning, Dr. Bryan, the Alumni President, Mr Wong the afternnon supervisor, Mr Lious Ling and Dato Clement Hii went for the famous kampua mee at Solemo Road. In the President's mind, he knew it was a big day but he did not foresee that they went through great pains to ensure that the whole thing was so grand and nice.

Upon arrival at the school, Dato Hii's entourage was feted a grand welcome. The VIPs were brought to the principal's office to get prepared while the students waited obediently.

When the VIPs emerged from the principal's office, the bagpipe team played 'Oh Susana'. The walk up the stairs to the stage was completely flanked by students on both sides clapping enthusiastically to an orderly rhythm. It went like .....pa... pa... papapa..papa...papa... simple thing but extremely freshing and spirit lifting. The smiles on the students' faces were infectious.

There were 4 speeches: Vincent Liong's, Councillor Robert Lau's (SHOSA President), the Alumni President's and then Dato' (Dr.) Clement Hii's. Every one lectured the students ~ do this, do this, and don't do that. Apart from encouraging the students to give their utmost best, the speakers also expressed their pride about the achievements by the school, and the response from the students to each speech was fantastic.

So many prizes were dished out that almost everybody got one. Irene also got one for her STPM results, and a small sized Form 6 girl went to the stage to receive it on her behalf. As Irene was still in KL, the Alumni is looking forward to seeing her in person at the 21st Reunion Dinner in Kuching on 31st October 2008.

The President was requested to put on his doctorate jubah for the function and Mr. Vincent thought it would help to inspire the students. He borrowed one from his classmates who is a lecturer in UiTM. Dr Gregory Hii put on his PhD gown as well, and somebody remarked that it was a pride to the school that it had produced some doctorate graduates.

Dato' Clement pledged 2 notebook computers for the top students next year, and the whole hall broke into a cacophony of big time hoohah frenzy.

26 October 2008

Capturing the Moment

21st Reunion Dinner Gets Nearer

The upcoming reunion dinner will be an event that Mr. Peter Seo (the former Alumni President) will be looking forward to. He got to meet his former classmates and schoolmates at the Sarawak Club last year during the 20th Annual Reunion Dinner and they managed to get a group photo for their remembrance.

Click on the above thumbnail for a larger version

The Reunion will also be a time for families to get together. The Reunion will also be a time for families to get together. Mr. Roland Ling had his family photo taken during the 2001 Annual Reunion Dinner. For this upcoming Reunion Dinners are also more members are expected to bring their families.

One can't help but notice that Mr. Roland and his daughter have the same smile - so you know from this picture who is the daughter or daughters

During the 21st 2008 Reunion, more group photos are expected to be taken as the Alumni Blogspot will have a special Album to store photos of the gathering. The online album will be stored on the left side of the Alumni blogspot.

20 October 2008

21st Reunion Countdown

Final Preparations

The Committee had its meeting at the KTA Office to finalise on the 21st Reunion Dinner preparations. As usual the meeting was fruitful - with a lot of Raya cakes and mineral water bottles (to replace the beer).

Tickets, program items and souvenir suggestions being checked and double checked

The Committee members also discussed on what 'long life' is about as the webmaster suddenly appeared halfway during the discussion (he arrived from Sri Aman and was in time for the meeting)

Peter Seo insists on the Batik ruling, while Nicholas insists 'one batik per table' ruling. Jenny realises that these Committee meetings are nail biting experiences

Bart and Junaidi double checks the accounts while Cheing Lee Ching points out his concern. M Rajah at the far corner prays that all goes well

Chieng Lee Ching insists on a smiling picture of the President in the souvenir book while Thomas has some ideas on the use of balloons during the dinner. M Rajah feels the effect of missing out on the beer at the Fellowship Gathering last week.

Say cheese! The rest of the Committee shows the President how to smile for the souvenir book

18 October 2008

SHS Reunion 2004 Deja Vu

SHS Alumni Kuching Webmaster Travels Back into 2004

I am glad to see the activities prepared by the rest of the Committee members in Kuching for the upcoming 21st Annual Reunion Dinner. A lot of fine tuning and discussions are going on via Emails and SMSes. In designing this blogsite, I will show what contents we can have in our postings. Allow me to share the pictures and my experience in attending the 2004 Reunion Dinner. I can't help reminding myself about the first SHS Reunion Dinner I attended at Merdeka Palace Hotel four years ago - in 2004. As I had just become a daddy at that time I was unable to attend many dinner but I was not about to turn down the opportunity to miss on meeting old friends of Sacred Heart who were residing in Kuching ~ or at least catch up with some familiar faces. Chek Ching, who was a Committee member at that time made sure I got the tickets for me and my family to attend.

The backdrop for the 2004 Reunion Dinner - 'Spirit of Sacred Heart'

The Merdeka Palace function room was full of Alumni members and families

Some of the familiar faces I could make out at that time was Mr. Stephen Tan who used to be my athletics coach. I had not met Mr. Vincent at that time and YBhg Datuk Clement Hii whom only knew after he gave a speech. It was a night where I discovered I don't really know many people but a chance meeting to appreciate we were once Sacred Heart students

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tajan were among the familiar faces I met that night as we were in the same batch since Sacred Heart Primary School (1975 - 1980) to Secondary School (1981 - 1986)

My favourite item for that night: I really admire those singing cowboys whom I was told are our very own cowboys from the Ba'kelalan area (my daughter was curious about those hats - correct me if I am wrong just in case the cowboys are really from Texas USA)

It was a fun filled night as we had a country western song band entertaining us throughout the night. I have to say I enjoyed meeting up with the Kuching members though I believe I was one of the junior 'Old' Boy there at that time. I hope this post can be an example of how we can share our stories of the Alumni activities which I can help post. Just email the webmaster if you have a 'Sacred Heart' story to share.

16 October 2008

SHS Fellowship Gathering

Fellowship Gathering at Sarawak Club

The Fellowship Gathering saw Alumni members meet up for a casual chit chat session - amidst some light drinking session at Sarawak Club Badger Club on 16 October 2008. The heavy downpour in the evening did not hinder the Old Boys and a young lady from converging at the Club.

Theres a saying - is the glass half empty or half full or totally empty? From left: Dr. Lim shows his light drinking capacity, Alex Dris and Patrick Wong try to outdrink one another

Cheers from the Committee members who attended: From left - Peter Seo hides his drinking ability, Nicholas Hu and Bartholomew shows the joy of a full glass, Jenny shows who's boss with her almost finished drink, Thomas Ngu trying to keep up with Jenny, Dr. Lim and Alex Dris are in fact drinking Chinese Tea which is more yellowish than the others

13 October 2008

Committee 2008 - 2009

SHS Alumni Committee 2008 - 2009 Photo Released!

The latest photo of the SHS Alumni Kuching Committee members and details have been released and updated.

Committee Members 2008-2009

President: Dr. Bryan Lim Choon Yang (082-340023, 019-8879982)

Vice-President:Vincent Ting Mui Soon (082-366935, 019-8565294)

Secretary: Jenny Ting Siu Nee (082-345033, 012-8800302)

Asst. Secretary: Louis Tang Wei Ung (082-421133, 019-8183700)

Treasurer: Bartholomew Ngieng Hock Chuong (082-248888, 012-8865252)

Asst. Treasurer: Junaidi Bin Sahadan (082-365760, 016-8934081)

Pub Relation Officer: Murugaiah Meyappan (M Rajah)(082-485111, 013-8189145)

Asst. Pub Relation: Desmond Jerukan (083-323366, 019-8177817)


Alexander Dris (082-369792, 019-8562731)
Aloysius Lim (082-422959, 019-8572959)
Chieng Lee Ching (082-427032, 012-8866875)
Nicholas Hu (082-429661, 012-8837376)


Peter Seo Kok Ing (082-429139, 012-8091691)
Thomas Ngu Toh Kai (019-8883811)
Roland Ling Koh Wen (082-421133, 019-8560536)

Activities Update released by the Secretary:

Fellowship Gathering

The de facto chief entertainment officer, Mr. Alex Dris will be has organising a fellowship gathering as follows:

Place : Sarawak Club's Badger Bar
Date : Wednesday, 16th October 2008
Time : 6pm to 8pm
Purpose : General (SMS the Committee members if in doubt)
Dresscode : completely casual
Money : Pay your own

Please contact the committee members by 15th to confirm that you are coming.

School Annual Award Day 27th Oct

The school is having its award day on the 27th OCt to present awards to students for outstanding achievements. These include non-academic activities such as sports and other things like leadership, etc. The President will be attending the presentation on behalf of the Alumni Association and will give a speech and present the prizes sponsored by the Alumni to 20 of the students for the leadership category. Other invited old boy will be YBhg Datuk Clement Hii. The President is looking forward to go back to the school as this is his first official visit after he left the school in 1976!!

12 October 2008

SHS Alumni Kuching & Irene Tiong

Irene Tiong's Article in TheSundayPost 12 Oct 2008

The article on Irene Tiong was published in The Sunday Post (The Borneo Post)of 12th October 2008 Edition with the title Good Samaritans throw needy Sibu girl a lifeline".

Click on the article's thumbnail above to get a larger view

21st Annual Dinner

Committee Goes Busy Bee

In preparing for the upcoming 21st Annual Dinner, the Committee has kicked start its publicity efforts to get as many people to join the upcoming 21st Annual Dinner in Kuching. This time the 21st Dinner will be held at Crown Square on the 31st of October 2008 (Friday). Those who wish to get their tickets can contact the committee menbers whose handphone numbers have been put in the left corner of the Blog Page. As usual the Committee members responsible for the tickets will report on the ticket sales progress.

Below are some photo capture of one of our meeting preparations for the 20th Annual Dinner last year. The ever busy Mr. Bartholomew Ngieng (Treasurer in 2007 and also Treasurer this year) will be the most active in the meeting as he needs to confirm the availability of funds to organise the dinner.

Deja Vu 12 Months Ago in Pictures

Tickets for the 20th Annual Dinner being distributed amongst Committee members

The artwork for the backdrop - the theme "Celebrating 20 Years of Togetherness"

From left: Mr. Chieng, Mr. Roland and Dr. Lim updating the figures and program for the 20th Annual dinner

Mr. Bartholomew (middle) double checking on money matters while the President Mr. Peter Seo (on the right with specs) and the Secretary Mr. Vincent looks on

Organising this can give one a big headache - it seems that Dr. Lim is in deep thought about what guitar chords he need to perform on that night

07 October 2008

Sibu Sacred Heart Alumni Association Kuching Blogs!

SHS Alumni Association of Kuching Blogspot is Born!

The name and cast for the blog sealed as conveyed by the Alumni Secretary

Today marks a significant date for the the Sibu Sacred Heard Alumni Association of Kuching as it jumps onto the blogosphere bandwagon. The decision to start the association's blogsite is part of the Committee members' effort to reach out to past and present students through the use of Information Communication Technology. The association's main activity this year started with the Annual General Meeting conducted on 20th July 2008 at the Crown Towers Kuching. Previously the association shared its website with the SMK Sacred Heart Sibu website.

Mr. Vincent Ting conducting the election of new office bearers

Mr. Bartholomew Ngieng presenting on the blackboard the formula for eradicating World Hunger

The new Office bearers posing with Brother Albinus

Pictoral Journey of Past Committees

How the Alumni Started

From the Founding President

When I first arrived in Kuching in 1972, there were very few classmates or schoolmates around. Occasionally, we bumped into each other at Electra House Kuching. Ideas of having an association where we could meet regularly were exchanged at the Open Air Market.

Nothing materialized over the meetings with "70 sen kolok mee and 20 sen ABC". Kopitiam talks were empty and lack of follow-ups. We did not have any hand phone, no fax number or e-mail address to contact each other during those days. And, more excusably, our pocket money was very limited for any proper meeting on such project. The proposal lingered on for some 15 years in my mind.

Then, we had the more realistic group of motivators and movers like Mr. Peter Seo, Mr. Wee Yiaw Hin, Mr. Patrick Wong, Dr. Gregory Hii, Mr. Eng Tien Ping and other supporters. Our Founding Secretary, Mr. Sim Hui Chuan, volunteered to draft the constitutions for registration.

The pro-tem committee organized the first gathering at Aurora Hotel Ballroom Kuching in 1987 with a big bang. We were proud and honoured to have our Reverend Brothers to be with us. We had Brother Adrian, Brother Albinus and the late Brother Hilary at then function. And, since then, this bang has been repeated for 18 times. This year 2004, we are at a more glamorous venue of Merdeka Palace Kuching.

The scenario after 18 years.... Our dream to have a building of our own, or business for steady income to run any association activities had not materialized. We did not have 1,000 acres of Oil Palm Plantation for the prospective development into housing and shops in the next 50 to 100 years. We do not even have any permanent address or 3" x 12" signboard displayed at any leading hotel where we can meet regularly. We do not have the basic infrastructure to show to anybody on the existence of our association.

But, never mind, insofar, we have done relatively well - inviting former teachers & Brothers to our annual gatherings, giving excellence education awards to children of our members and also soliciting/donating to the school building fund. I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the present and past committee members for all the well-done activities and to salute all the past presidents namely Mr. Simon Lao, Mr. Andrew Tan, Mr. Chieng Lee Ching, Mr. Aloysius Dris, Mr. Casimir Wong for their continuous effort at the helm. And to the present president, Mr. Roland Ling and his committee, I wish to thank all of you for inviting me to put up a write-up mesmerizing our association in your annual souvenir magazine. Thank you.

The old members are journeying into their golden years and we hope the younger blood will carry on the association with more dynamic approaches and keep the flag of our association always flying high in Kuching. ( I always pray that it would not end with a whisper.)

William TK Wong Founding President