27 September 2017

Calling for Submissions for Excellence Awards

The Sibu Sacred Heart Secondary School Alumni of Kuching is pleased to once again call on all members to submit the name of your children to be considered for this year's Excellence Awards.

The awards will be given out to our Alumni members' children who achieved excellent results in the various public examinations last year, namely in UPSR, PT3, SPM/O-Levels, and STPM/A-Levels/HSL or equivalent.

For members who are interested, please submit your name and your children's academic result slips to Mr Wong Chii Huo (019-889 9270 or chiihuow@gmail.com) or Mr Chua Chee Kiong (014-992 2050 or cheekiong88@hotmail.com) either via e-mail or WhatsApp.

Please note that the last day for submissions is 6th October 2017.

The Excellence Awards will be presented at our Alumni's 30th Annual Reunion Dinner, which will be held at 7.00pm on 20th October at Sarawak Club, Kuching.

The Dinner tickets are priced at RM80 each, and for those of you interested to attend, please contract our committee members: Moses Wong (012-920 6788), Nicholas Hu (012-883 7376), Peter Kong (019-859 8589), Chua Chee Kiong (014-992 2050), Wong Sung Seng (016-575 6639), and Lim Soo Teck (012-885 0573).

The theme for the Sibu Sacred Heart Secondary School Alumni of Kuching's 30th Annual Reunion Dinner this year is Moving Forward Together.

17 September 2017

30th Reunion Dinner

30th Reunion Dinner 2017

The Sacred Heart Secondary School Alumni Association of Kuching is organising its 30th Alumni Dinner at Sarawak Club on 20th October 2017. The theme for this year's dinner is Moving Forward Together. All former students are invited to join the dinner and meet the ex-teachers who will be invited. Excellence Awards are given to member's children who did well in the 2016 examinations (UPSR, PT3, SPM, STPM or equivalent). Members whose children are eligible can send the copies of the result slip to Mr Wong Chii Huo (019-8899270) via Whatssap fax to 082-426159 or email chiihuow@gmail.com before 6th October 2017.

The Alumni also recently held its Annual General Meeting this Septmebr and has appointed their list of 2017/2018 office bearers. Details of the reunion dinner can be obtained from the members as below:

President: Moses Wong King Kiu (012-9206788)
Vice Presicent: Nicholas Hu Kie Lik (012-8837376)
Secretary: Peter Kong Kuok Chi (019-8598589)
Asst Secretary: Chua Chee Kiong (012-9929050)
Treasurer: Wong Sung Seng (0165756639)
Asst Treasurer: Lim Soo Teck (012-8850573)
Public Relations Officer: Thadeus Ling Allu (013-8234977)
Assistant Public Relations Officer: Alexius Barieng (016-8562077)

Committee Members
Jenny Ting (012-8800302)
Leslie Tsai Song Lim (016-8625547)
Wong Chii Huo (019-8899270)
Albinus Bundan (013-8076689)

Immediate Past President
Henry Chuo Kuong Hang (019-8292123)

14 October 2015

28th Anniversary Dinner

Continuing the Spirit

The Alumni celebrated its 28th Alumni Annual Reunion Dinner on 13th October 2015 at Sarawak Club with the theme 'Continuing the Spirit'. It was a great event where members and their family members met again in this important event to commemorate the formation of the alumni, mark its progress through the years especially after two years of the passing of Brother Albinus. The President kicked off the event with his speech about the importance of continuing the spirit among the students of Sacred Heart. He also announced about the plan by the Alumni to purchase a piece of property in the form of a shop lot at Chong Lin Park which will be used as the Alumni's Resource Centre, office and activity place, meeting place and tuition centre for Yayasan Lasallian Kuching. Indeed a noble step forward since the formation of the Alumni and the aspiration to make Saacred Heart's presence felt.

The VIP Table (From left: Joseph Chuo, Robert Lau, Peter Yap, Dato John Ha, Henry Chuo, Dr. Patrick Laau, David Teo, Father Joseph Chai, , Thomas Lau, Louis Ng)

Mr. Henry Chuo (left) our President and Patron Dr. Patrick Lau Hieng Ping (right)

Our patron Dr. Patrick Lau Hieng Ping also shared his moment when he was a student at Sacred Heart Secondary School and how the discipline of the La Sallian brothers transformed his life from being an active boy to a studious one in the hostel environment of Sacred Heart, at its old site near the Sibu Wharve in the 1960s. In addition to that Dr. Patrick contributed RM10,000 to the school's resource centre acquisition.

Contributions came rolling in from other classes as Class of 88-90 chip in RM20,000.00, Class of 1966 with RM20,000 and even  a St. Joseph student came in with his own RM5,000.00. The Committee themselves committed RM20,000.00. Pledge forms are still being accepted throughout the dinner event which was lit up with the exciting emceeing by our abled Eddie Phua. 

The evening was spiced up with a special Birthday wish to the Alumni's Vice President Mr. Moses Wong. The night was full of fun and great moment of catching up as it wrapped up its official events early to allow the members have more moments together.

Class of 1985 especially gets to pose with the anniversary backdrop and the School Principal Mr. David Teo during the dinner get together.

05 September 2015

28th Alumni Anniversary Dinner

We are pleased to info our members that our Alumni's 28th Annual Dinner 2015 will be held as follow:

Date     :   13 October 2015 (Tuesday)
Time     :   7.00 p.m
Venue   :   Sarawak Club, Kuching
Ticket   :  RM 80.00 per person
Patron   : Dr. Patrick Lau Hieng Ping

Cheque presentation by our dinner Patron Dr. Patrick Lau Hieng Ping at the Sarawak Club, on 4th September 2015

Dinner with Dr. Patrick Lau Hieng Ping, our 28th Anniversary Dinner Patron at the Sarawak Club on 4th September 2015

The theme for the dinner is "Continue the Spirit". For those who interest, please contract our committee members who Joseph Chuo (013-810 2211), Henry Chuo (019-829 2123), Chua Chee Kiong (014-992 2050), and Wong Sung Seng (016-575 6639).

Furthermore, we take this opportunity to give the award to the children of our old Sacred Heart students who have achieved the excellent results in public exams.

We would appreciate it if our members can submit their children's academic results slips and parents' name to our excellent award committee:
through email or WhatApps to qualify for their encouragement. 

The dateline is on 18 Sept 2015.

Please attach a copy of their result slip and parent name as supported document . These excellent awards will be given out during our annual dinner.

Notes: The categories as follow: (i) UPSR ; (ii) PMR ; (iii) SPM/O-Level ; (iv) STPM/A-Level/HSL or equivalent.

Chua Chee Kiong
Secretary, SHS Alumni Kuching
H/P :  014-992 2050

24 July 2015

New Committee 2015/2016

Chua & Joseph conducting the Association's AGM

Vincent & Moses ggoing through the Minutes of Meeting

The newly elected Committee of the Sibu Sacred Heart Alumni Association of Kuching met on 24 July 2015. The new committee led by President Mr. Henry Chuo Kuong Hang charted an eventful year to promote fellowship among the Old Boys of the Sibu Sacred Heart School.

The new committee is comprised of;
President                                 : Henry Chuo Kuong Hang                 (019-829 2123);
Vice President                         : Moses Wong King Kiu                     (012-920 6788);
Secretary                                 : Chua Chee Kiong                             (014-992 2050);
Asst Secretary                         : Nicholas Hu Kie Lik                         (012-883 7376);
Treasurer                                 : Wong Sung Seng                              (016-575 6639);
Asst Treasurer                         : Leslie Tsai Song Lim                        (016-862 5547);
Public Relations Officer            : Bobby Tham                                     (012-880 8877);
Asst PR Officer                       : Thadeus Ling Bartholomew Allu         (013-823 4977);
Auditor                                   : Jacob Wong Wu Hing                       (016-886 8383);
Committee Members               : Brian Bernard Sim Kwan Tze           (019-856 9333);
                                                 Dennis Wong                                    (013-839 3355);
                                                 Jenny Ting Siu Nee                           (012-880 0302);
                                                 Stanley Ngu King Hieng                    (016-860 2000);
                                                 Wong Chii Huo                                (016-889 9270);
Intermediate Past President    : Joseph Chuo Kuong Liong                  (013-810 2211)
Patron                                      : Dr. Patrick Lau Hieng Ping
Advisors                                  : All Past Presidents

One for the album

The up coming event would be the 2015 Annual Dinner. The dinner would be hold on 13 October 2015 (Tuesday) at the Sarawak Club in Kuching. Old Boys alma mater of the Sibu Sacred Heart School are encouraged to join and support of this event, to make it a success and set pace for an eventful year ahead

29 October 2013

Tribute To Brother Albinus

Video Tribute our late Brother Albinus

During the 26th Sacred Heart Annual Dinner at The Banquet Kuching on 11th October 2013, our Kuching Alumni prepared a Video tribute in remembrance of our late Sacred Heart Secondary School principal, Brother Albinus. Here it is shared for all members in case you missed the Annual Dinner.Rest in Peace Brother Albinus, you have inspired us to be who we are today. 

30 September 2013

26th Annual Dinner Preparation

Reunion Dinner Patron

The Committee wishes to thank Dr. Gregory Hii, a loyal Sibu Sacred Heart son who has agreed to become our patron during the 26th Annual Reunion Dinner this 11th October 2013. He came to Kuching to meet up with some members of the Committee to discuss about the preparations that are being made.

Some of the Committee members also took the time to test the menu for the Annual Reunion dinner. With the cost of things coming up these few months, the Committee is trying its best to keep the price per table as minimum as possible without sacrificing the quality.

Ready to test what The Banquet has to offer our Alumni Food Auditors

The cold dish starter is quite mouth watering already

Thank you so much to the food auditors at The Banquet ~ Seated from left (Joseph Chuo. Desmond Jerukan, Vincent Ting), Standing behind from left (Nicholas Hu, , Moses Wong, Henry Chuo, Bartholonew Ngieng) 

Tickets (RM50 each) are available from any of the association’s committee members elected for the term 2013/2014 during the alumni’s annual general meeting on 26 July 2012.

Desmond Jerukan  (019-8177817)
Vice President
Joseph Chuo Kuong Liong 朱光亮  (013-8102211)
Nicholas Hu Kie Lik 胡启利  (012-8837376)
Asst. Secretary
Moses Wong King Kiu黄敬求    (012-9206788)
Wong Sung Seng 黄松声 (016-5756639)
Asst. Treasurer
Wong Chii Huo 黄子和 (016-8899270)
Public Relation Officer    
Thadeus Ling Ak Bartholonew Allu (013-8234977)
Asst. PR Officer
Alexius Barieng (016-8562077)

Committee Members
Stanley Ngu King Hieng吴锦贤          (016-8602000)
Hii Jing Song 许劲松                          (016-8085366)
Chua Chee Kiong                                (014-9922050)  
Henry Chuo                                          (0198292123)
Adrian Chung Wen Siong                     (019-8555088)

Bartholonew Ngieng严学樟             (012-8865252)

Peter Seo Kok Ing                               (012-8091691)
Lim Choon Yang林春                   (019-8879982)
Chieng Lee Ching                                (012-8866875)
Roland Ling Koh Wen 林高文         (019-8560536)
Thomas Ngu Toh Kai                         (019-8883811)
Ting Mui Soon陈梅                        (019-8565294)