18 October 2008

SHS Reunion 2004 Deja Vu

SHS Alumni Kuching Webmaster Travels Back into 2004

I am glad to see the activities prepared by the rest of the Committee members in Kuching for the upcoming 21st Annual Reunion Dinner. A lot of fine tuning and discussions are going on via Emails and SMSes. In designing this blogsite, I will show what contents we can have in our postings. Allow me to share the pictures and my experience in attending the 2004 Reunion Dinner. I can't help reminding myself about the first SHS Reunion Dinner I attended at Merdeka Palace Hotel four years ago - in 2004. As I had just become a daddy at that time I was unable to attend many dinner but I was not about to turn down the opportunity to miss on meeting old friends of Sacred Heart who were residing in Kuching ~ or at least catch up with some familiar faces. Chek Ching, who was a Committee member at that time made sure I got the tickets for me and my family to attend.

The backdrop for the 2004 Reunion Dinner - 'Spirit of Sacred Heart'

The Merdeka Palace function room was full of Alumni members and families

Some of the familiar faces I could make out at that time was Mr. Stephen Tan who used to be my athletics coach. I had not met Mr. Vincent at that time and YBhg Datuk Clement Hii whom only knew after he gave a speech. It was a night where I discovered I don't really know many people but a chance meeting to appreciate we were once Sacred Heart students

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tajan were among the familiar faces I met that night as we were in the same batch since Sacred Heart Primary School (1975 - 1980) to Secondary School (1981 - 1986)

My favourite item for that night: I really admire those singing cowboys whom I was told are our very own cowboys from the Ba'kelalan area (my daughter was curious about those hats - correct me if I am wrong just in case the cowboys are really from Texas USA)

It was a fun filled night as we had a country western song band entertaining us throughout the night. I have to say I enjoyed meeting up with the Kuching members though I believe I was one of the junior 'Old' Boy there at that time. I hope this post can be an example of how we can share our stories of the Alumni activities which I can help post. Just email the webmaster if you have a 'Sacred Heart' story to share.

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