20 October 2008

21st Reunion Countdown

Final Preparations

The Committee had its meeting at the KTA Office to finalise on the 21st Reunion Dinner preparations. As usual the meeting was fruitful - with a lot of Raya cakes and mineral water bottles (to replace the beer).

Tickets, program items and souvenir suggestions being checked and double checked

The Committee members also discussed on what 'long life' is about as the webmaster suddenly appeared halfway during the discussion (he arrived from Sri Aman and was in time for the meeting)

Peter Seo insists on the Batik ruling, while Nicholas insists 'one batik per table' ruling. Jenny realises that these Committee meetings are nail biting experiences

Bart and Junaidi double checks the accounts while Cheing Lee Ching points out his concern. M Rajah at the far corner prays that all goes well

Chieng Lee Ching insists on a smiling picture of the President in the souvenir book while Thomas has some ideas on the use of balloons during the dinner. M Rajah feels the effect of missing out on the beer at the Fellowship Gathering last week.

Say cheese! The rest of the Committee shows the President how to smile for the souvenir book

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