13 October 2008

Committee 2008 - 2009

SHS Alumni Committee 2008 - 2009 Photo Released!

The latest photo of the SHS Alumni Kuching Committee members and details have been released and updated.

Committee Members 2008-2009

President: Dr. Bryan Lim Choon Yang (082-340023, 019-8879982)

Vice-President:Vincent Ting Mui Soon (082-366935, 019-8565294)

Secretary: Jenny Ting Siu Nee (082-345033, 012-8800302)

Asst. Secretary: Louis Tang Wei Ung (082-421133, 019-8183700)

Treasurer: Bartholomew Ngieng Hock Chuong (082-248888, 012-8865252)

Asst. Treasurer: Junaidi Bin Sahadan (082-365760, 016-8934081)

Pub Relation Officer: Murugaiah Meyappan (M Rajah)(082-485111, 013-8189145)

Asst. Pub Relation: Desmond Jerukan (083-323366, 019-8177817)


Alexander Dris (082-369792, 019-8562731)
Aloysius Lim (082-422959, 019-8572959)
Chieng Lee Ching (082-427032, 012-8866875)
Nicholas Hu (082-429661, 012-8837376)


Peter Seo Kok Ing (082-429139, 012-8091691)
Thomas Ngu Toh Kai (019-8883811)
Roland Ling Koh Wen (082-421133, 019-8560536)

Activities Update released by the Secretary:

Fellowship Gathering

The de facto chief entertainment officer, Mr. Alex Dris will be has organising a fellowship gathering as follows:

Place : Sarawak Club's Badger Bar
Date : Wednesday, 16th October 2008
Time : 6pm to 8pm
Purpose : General (SMS the Committee members if in doubt)
Dresscode : completely casual
Money : Pay your own

Please contact the committee members by 15th to confirm that you are coming.

School Annual Award Day 27th Oct

The school is having its award day on the 27th OCt to present awards to students for outstanding achievements. These include non-academic activities such as sports and other things like leadership, etc. The President will be attending the presentation on behalf of the Alumni Association and will give a speech and present the prizes sponsored by the Alumni to 20 of the students for the leadership category. Other invited old boy will be YBhg Datuk Clement Hii. The President is looking forward to go back to the school as this is his first official visit after he left the school in 1976!!


BartNgieng said...

Guess what, this time we got everyone in the photo, no one is absent!!!

SHS Alumni Association of Kuching said...

Yes Bart - I feel as if there was a strange force standing on my right