31 October 2008

SHS Reunion Dinner

A Fun Filled Evening

The Alumni managed to organised the 21st Annual Reunion Dinner at Crown Square this evening - introducing several new items for those who attended. Superb teamwork as always kept the spirit of the reunion alive with several lively performance by the present students of SMK Sacred Heart Sibu who came all the way from Sibu.

Backdrop for the 21st Annual Reunion Dinner

Souvenir Book Magazine and ticket for the dinner

The dinner hall was packed with Alumni Members and their families

Members enjoying a light moment during one of the presentations

SMK Sacred Heart Sibu Students, mostly School Prefects showing off their dance skills at the dinner

Watch this space as it will be updated with more photos and news of the dinner. Some photos are already in the SHS Picasa Album on the left corner of the Blog. Presently the committees's are taking the SMK Sacred Heart Students from Sibu around Kuching for a City Tour.

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