06 November 2008

Swans and Cats

SMK Sacred Heart Students Tour Kuching

After the Reunion Dinnner on 31st October 2008, the next day, Kuching known as the City of Cats received special guests from the Swan Town. They are the students of SMK Sacred Heart Sibu who attended the 21st Annual Reunion dinner. They were accompanied by the enthusiatic members of the Alumni Committee who made sure the swans didn't get lost.

The students were

Mr. Adrian Wong Jian Jieh
Mr. Lok Leh Leong
Mr. Ting Huong Hong
Ms. Joyce Wong Luo Yee
Ms. Lim Mei Chung
Mr. Tiau Kiu Jim
Mr. Chong Joo Seng
Mr. Lau Kiew Toh
Mr. Ling Sze Nin
Mr. Frederick Yii
Mr. John Lau Siew Siong
Ms. Sim Hui Yii
Ms. Lee Lee Ping
Ms. Tracy Tumay Rigar
Ms. Lee Chiew Yung
Ms. Wong Siew Long
Ms. Betty Luk Tzer Eir
Ms. Lau Hui Fang
Mr. Loh Hua Hock
Mr. Eddie Chiew Foo Ping

The accompanying teacher was Ms. Wong Chin Ching. The students departed from Li Wah Hotel Kuching and went to see the famous landmarks of Kuching City such as the Dewan Suarah, Sarawak Muzium, the famous Cat Statue, the KTS Gallery and STA Exhibition and finally was feted dinner at Li Wah Hotel Restaurant. As we go along the photos try to look at the hand gestures and see if everyone is good at intepreting them.

Departing from the hotel - notice the different ways they use their 'Woh Ai Ni' hand sign

Students boarding the bus

'Peace' sign as they board the bus

Jenny with Ms Wong Chin Ching who is the accompanying teacher - no hand signs here

Students posing at the Dewan Suarah with the Tour Guide Ms Rose who is not in red, again with their unique 'Woh Ai Ni'.

The Swans signals to their flock in Swan City Sibu from Kuching's Dewan Suarah - "Come over to Cat City"

Enjoying the panaromic view of Kuching City from above Dewan Suarah

Dewan Suarah Kuching

While visiting the Sarawak Muzium - I believe the hand signal means 'Way to Go man!'

Rose points to something interesting in that direction

Posing with the cannon - with their sign of Peace and 'I Love Yous'?

The visit to the Cat Statue at Jalan Padungan - okay we have several hand gestures there to make out and I believe the Thumbs Up is a new feature here

KTS Gallery: Some more hand signals and gestures here - as usual Mr. Peter Seo hides his behind his back. If you read his mind it will go 'Guess what my hand sign is'

Group photo at STA Exhibition Centre with Dr. Peter (left) and Ms Nicki (second right) just after Mr. Peter Seo

Dinner time at Li Wah Hotel after a day's tour

Food comes and everyone enjoying the Foochow Mee being served - so how is Kuching's Foochow Mee?

Students enjoying their dinner - some more 'Peace' gestures here

One has to be careful to use these signs in the restaurants lest it will mean 'Two more Cans of Drinks!' to the waiter or waitresses

And finally one will know how contagious these hand signs are - here Jenny has been 'converted' - 'Peace' pose with Mr. Ting Huong Hong :)

05 November 2008

Band Them Together

Strumming My Guitar

Pop the question on how music keeps people together as presented in various forms during the 21st Annual Reunion Dinner or in past Alumni Reunion dinners one just have to look at the following pictures (click on the pictures for a larger view) to know where history started:

The Country and Western tunes during the Alumni Reunion Dinner in 2004

The modern and classy duet during 19th Annual Reunion Dinner in 2006

Going back in Time

And finally these pictures of the days that started it all:

This picture was taken during the School Concert 1974: Accordion Performance (On the left is Dr Lim Choon Yang (KTS Group) while on the right is Dato Wee Yiaw Hin (Shell). Yiaw Hin (Form 4) playing melody and Choon Yang (Form 5) playing accompaniment for Minuet in G by Beethoven.

The Form 5 Guitar Band playing D Gerard's Butterfly, Lobo's Stoney, Elton John's Crocodile Rock, and Simon & Garfunkel's I Am A Rock
From Left: Dr Lim Choon Yang, (lead guitar) Datuk Idris Abdullah @ Das Murthy (rhythm guitar), Soon Kong Tiong (tambourine), Chan Heng Tai (bass guitar), Siong Kuong Ming (drums)

The band in action - those were the days when those wide pants were hot!

03 November 2008

The Dinner Story

Dinner Timeline - Updated Photos

The Alumni's 21st Reunion Dinner has its own story especially on the day itself. Thus due to the large number of photos to follow with the dinner timeline, this blog post will be posted in stages following the contents below:

  • Students and Guests Arrival
  • School Rally and Speech
  • Dinner Program and Presentations
  • Auld Lang Syne

The Arrival

As the dinner will include special guests whom are mostly School Prefects from SMK Sacred Heart SChool, Sibu, part of the Alumni Committee member's duty was to welcome them at the bus station and also make sure that they all arrive safely.

The Suria Bus bringing the students from Sibu arrived at the Kuching Bus Terminal at 3:45 p.m

At hand to recieve them was Mr. Bartholomew Ngieng - his presence made it more appropriate as he is the Alumni's de facto Travelling Manager.

The students unloading their personal belongings and the precious 'kompia' which was imported from Sibu inside the bus compartment - a natural microwave oven which will ensure the 'kompia' is warm and fresh for the dinner

Students arriving at the Crown Square for rehearsal

The welcoming committee at the Crown Imperial Hall entrance comprised of (from left) Louis Tang, Jenny and Peter Seo. Mr. & Mrs Jarrod Siew and daughter can be seen posing with them

Guests who arrived were given a grand welcome by the SMK Sacred Heart School Prefects

The dinner started with the the school rally

The dinner included speeches by the Patron, Mr. Vincent Lau Lee Ming; President, Dr. Bryan Lim Choon Yang and the saying of grace by Bro Albinus

In the spotlight that night was Miss Irene Tiong, who managed to join the Alumni dinner - all the way from Kuala Lumpur. The Alumni was happy with her presence

A special memento for the Dinner Patron Mr. Vincent Lau

Special Dedication Award for Brother Albinus

Brother Albinus recieving the award - he also recieved the award on behalf of Brother Adrian

The Master of ceremony Mr. Paul Wong was as busy as a bee that night

There was a special performance by the SMK Sacred Heart students - and everyone thought that it was a Boy's school? Things have changed as they saw SHS's very own Spice Girl band.

A Ball Room dance presentation by the students of SMK Sacred Heart - elegant and smooth performance all the way

The much more modern dance - the older Alumni members could not remember when this dance was made famous as they were still stuck on The Twist and Cha Cha Cha. But their children were thrilled by the fancy moves

Finally a number that the Alumni are familiar with which wss led by the President himself

The giving out of funds for the needy students fund amounting to RM2000 was handed to the SMK Sacred Heart Principal

The Principal's turn to dish out a present in the form of a guitar - with the hope this winner will return for the next Alumni dinner and play along with the Alumni President

Towards the end - it was a final dance session with the patron Mr. Vincent Lau who showed that he can do the fancy moves too

Students of SMK Sacred Heart enjoying themselves at the dinner

Finally the Auld Lang Syne - to say we'll meet again in the next 22nd Alumni dinner

End of dinner: Bart rolls up the Backdrop with the help of his daughter as the dinner ends on a happy note