27 October 2008

SMK Sacred Heart Speech Day 2008

The President Speaks At SHS Speech Day

On 27th October 2008, Monday, Dr. Bryan Lim the Alumni President attended the School Speech Day which was held for the fifth year. Dato' (Dr.) Clement Hii, Cr. Robert Lau Hui Yew, President of SHOSA, and the Alumni President delivered speeches to the students. After that awards were presented to deserving students for academic achievements, sports, extra co-curicular activities and so on.

Lion dances were performance during the Speech Day

The magazine cover for the SMK Sacred Heart Speech Day on 27th October 2008

Borneo Post article on 28 Oct 2008

Additional images on the Speech Day can be viewed at the SMK Sacred Heart Photobucket Album. Below are some images obtained with thanks from the SMK Sacred Heart Photobucket Team.

More images at SHS Photobucket

Below is the President's account on the activities that during the event (edited to include relevant information):

I am happy to report on my attendance of the School Speech Day.

After arriving in the morning, Dr. Bryan, the Alumni President, Mr Wong the afternnon supervisor, Mr Lious Ling and Dato Clement Hii went for the famous kampua mee at Solemo Road. In the President's mind, he knew it was a big day but he did not foresee that they went through great pains to ensure that the whole thing was so grand and nice.

Upon arrival at the school, Dato Hii's entourage was feted a grand welcome. The VIPs were brought to the principal's office to get prepared while the students waited obediently.

When the VIPs emerged from the principal's office, the bagpipe team played 'Oh Susana'. The walk up the stairs to the stage was completely flanked by students on both sides clapping enthusiastically to an orderly rhythm. It went like .....pa... pa... papapa..papa...papa... simple thing but extremely freshing and spirit lifting. The smiles on the students' faces were infectious.

There were 4 speeches: Vincent Liong's, Councillor Robert Lau's (SHOSA President), the Alumni President's and then Dato' (Dr.) Clement Hii's. Every one lectured the students ~ do this, do this, and don't do that. Apart from encouraging the students to give their utmost best, the speakers also expressed their pride about the achievements by the school, and the response from the students to each speech was fantastic.

So many prizes were dished out that almost everybody got one. Irene also got one for her STPM results, and a small sized Form 6 girl went to the stage to receive it on her behalf. As Irene was still in KL, the Alumni is looking forward to seeing her in person at the 21st Reunion Dinner in Kuching on 31st October 2008.

The President was requested to put on his doctorate jubah for the function and Mr. Vincent thought it would help to inspire the students. He borrowed one from his classmates who is a lecturer in UiTM. Dr Gregory Hii put on his PhD gown as well, and somebody remarked that it was a pride to the school that it had produced some doctorate graduates.

Dato' Clement pledged 2 notebook computers for the top students next year, and the whole hall broke into a cacophony of big time hoohah frenzy.

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