12 October 2008

21st Annual Dinner

Committee Goes Busy Bee

In preparing for the upcoming 21st Annual Dinner, the Committee has kicked start its publicity efforts to get as many people to join the upcoming 21st Annual Dinner in Kuching. This time the 21st Dinner will be held at Crown Square on the 31st of October 2008 (Friday). Those who wish to get their tickets can contact the committee menbers whose handphone numbers have been put in the left corner of the Blog Page. As usual the Committee members responsible for the tickets will report on the ticket sales progress.

Below are some photo capture of one of our meeting preparations for the 20th Annual Dinner last year. The ever busy Mr. Bartholomew Ngieng (Treasurer in 2007 and also Treasurer this year) will be the most active in the meeting as he needs to confirm the availability of funds to organise the dinner.

Deja Vu 12 Months Ago in Pictures

Tickets for the 20th Annual Dinner being distributed amongst Committee members

The artwork for the backdrop - the theme "Celebrating 20 Years of Togetherness"

From left: Mr. Chieng, Mr. Roland and Dr. Lim updating the figures and program for the 20th Annual dinner

Mr. Bartholomew (middle) double checking on money matters while the President Mr. Peter Seo (on the right with specs) and the Secretary Mr. Vincent looks on

Organising this can give one a big headache - it seems that Dr. Lim is in deep thought about what guitar chords he need to perform on that night

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