16 October 2008

SHS Fellowship Gathering

Fellowship Gathering at Sarawak Club

The Fellowship Gathering saw Alumni members meet up for a casual chit chat session - amidst some light drinking session at Sarawak Club Badger Club on 16 October 2008. The heavy downpour in the evening did not hinder the Old Boys and a young lady from converging at the Club.

Theres a saying - is the glass half empty or half full or totally empty? From left: Dr. Lim shows his light drinking capacity, Alex Dris and Patrick Wong try to outdrink one another

Cheers from the Committee members who attended: From left - Peter Seo hides his drinking ability, Nicholas Hu and Bartholomew shows the joy of a full glass, Jenny shows who's boss with her almost finished drink, Thomas Ngu trying to keep up with Jenny, Dr. Lim and Alex Dris are in fact drinking Chinese Tea which is more yellowish than the others

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