10 September 2010

23rd Alumni AGM

Alumni Office Bearers 2010/2011

The Alumni held its 23rd Annual general meeting on Sunday, 25th July 2010 at Tapayan Restaurant, Kuching. Dr. Bryan Lim, the outgoing president spoke of the Alumni's past achievements in assisting needy students. He adviced the Alumni to continue to be committed, active and caring. Dr. Bryan also hoped that one day it will be able to have a more permanent location for members to organise meetings and discussion.

The new Office Bearers posing for a photo:

The Sibu Sacred Heart Secondary School Alumni Association of Kuching 2010/2011 Committee are:

President: Vincent Ting
Vice President: Desmond Jerukan
Secretary: Moses Wong
Assistant Secretary: Jenny Ting
Treasurer: Bartholomew Ngieng
Assistant Treasurer: Junaidi Sahadan
Public Relations Officer: Hii Jing Song
Assistant Public Relations Officer: Ngu Li Hieng

Committee Members
Shirley Su
Patrick Wong
Edwin Abit
Aloysius Lim

Brother Albinus
Dr. Bryan Lim
Ir. Roland Ling
Peter Seo

Jacob Wong

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