17 July 2009

Happy Birthday Brother Albinus

The Alumni celebrated Brother Albinus's Birthday on 22nd May 2009 at Woodpecker Room, Sarawak Club. This is a late posting on the pictures that were taken that evening.

Happy Birthday to you song being sung

Brother Albinus cutting his birthday cake
(Standing from left: Chieng Lee Ching, Vincent, Jenny, Bart, Peter Seo, Rajah)
(Sitting from left: Thomas Lau, Brother Albinus, Roland Ling and Jacob Wong)
Counting the candles

Bart cheers Brother Albinus: A present for me?

Roland shares some light thoughts while Thomas enjoys it

From left: Vincent Ting, Thomas Lau, Brother Albinus, Roland and Jacob Wong

Those who were in attendance at the dinner were:

1. Vincent Ting
2. Bart
3. Peter Seo
4. Roland Ling
5. Thomas Ngu
6. Chieng Lee Ching
7. Rajah
8. Jacob Wong
9. Nicholas Hu
10. Junaidi
11. Thomas Lau (St Jo principal)
12. Jenny

1 comment:

Michael C.S. Seo said...

Thanks to my dear school mates. It's has been a very long time I didn't see our beloved Principal, ie. 23 years. I am so touched when I see these pictures and also our school rally. Frankly, I still can sing our school rally when the music starts. Hope to see you guys again and also our Principal, Albinus.