24 July 2015

New Committee 2015/2016

Chua & Joseph conducting the Association's AGM

Vincent & Moses ggoing through the Minutes of Meeting

The newly elected Committee of the Sibu Sacred Heart Alumni Association of Kuching met on 24 July 2015. The new committee led by President Mr. Henry Chuo Kuong Hang charted an eventful year to promote fellowship among the Old Boys of the Sibu Sacred Heart School.

The new committee is comprised of;
President                                 : Henry Chuo Kuong Hang                 (019-829 2123);
Vice President                         : Moses Wong King Kiu                     (012-920 6788);
Secretary                                 : Chua Chee Kiong                             (014-992 2050);
Asst Secretary                         : Nicholas Hu Kie Lik                         (012-883 7376);
Treasurer                                 : Wong Sung Seng                              (016-575 6639);
Asst Treasurer                         : Leslie Tsai Song Lim                        (016-862 5547);
Public Relations Officer            : Bobby Tham                                     (012-880 8877);
Asst PR Officer                       : Thadeus Ling Bartholomew Allu         (013-823 4977);
Auditor                                   : Jacob Wong Wu Hing                       (016-886 8383);
Committee Members               : Brian Bernard Sim Kwan Tze           (019-856 9333);
                                                 Dennis Wong                                    (013-839 3355);
                                                 Jenny Ting Siu Nee                           (012-880 0302);
                                                 Stanley Ngu King Hieng                    (016-860 2000);
                                                 Wong Chii Huo                                (016-889 9270);
Intermediate Past President    : Joseph Chuo Kuong Liong                  (013-810 2211)
Patron                                      : Dr. Patrick Lau Hieng Ping
Advisors                                  : All Past Presidents

One for the album

The up coming event would be the 2015 Annual Dinner. The dinner would be hold on 13 October 2015 (Tuesday) at the Sarawak Club in Kuching. Old Boys alma mater of the Sibu Sacred Heart School are encouraged to join and support of this event, to make it a success and set pace for an eventful year ahead

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