08 September 2013

School Rally at Funeral Mass

Sacred Heart & St Joseph School Rally

The Sibu Sacred Heart Secondary School Rally and St. Joseph School Rally was sung together at the late Brother Albinus's funeral mass at the St. Joseph Cathedral in Kuching on 8th August 2013. The Alumni wishes to extend our utmost thanks and appreciation to the funeral committee that agreed to put in both school rallies to be sung simultaneously.

As we will all witness from the video in You Tube the former students who attended the funeral mass sang the school rallies with full spirit.

The wordings for Sibu Sacred Heart's school rally are as below:
Students of Sacred Heart a voice is resounding
Promptly respond to your duty's sweet call.
Answer you all for the trumpet is sounding.
Your school is proclaiming her motto to all.

Chorus :
Forward her children dear, ever with hearts sincere. 
Do with a will what your school asks of you
All that is wrong reject,
Heaven will e'er protect.
Students of Sacred Heart courageous and true.

"Prayer and labour" your motto to cherish.
 Forward with courage in ways that are just.
 True to your standard, be doing and daring.
 As Sacred Heart students in Heaven you trust.
 [ Chorus ]

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