30 September 2013

26th Annual Dinner Preparation

Reunion Dinner Patron

The Committee wishes to thank Dr. Gregory Hii, a loyal Sibu Sacred Heart son who has agreed to become our patron during the 26th Annual Reunion Dinner this 11th October 2013. He came to Kuching to meet up with some members of the Committee to discuss about the preparations that are being made.

Some of the Committee members also took the time to test the menu for the Annual Reunion dinner. With the cost of things coming up these few months, the Committee is trying its best to keep the price per table as minimum as possible without sacrificing the quality.

Ready to test what The Banquet has to offer our Alumni Food Auditors

The cold dish starter is quite mouth watering already

Thank you so much to the food auditors at The Banquet ~ Seated from left (Joseph Chuo. Desmond Jerukan, Vincent Ting), Standing behind from left (Nicholas Hu, , Moses Wong, Henry Chuo, Bartholonew Ngieng) 

Tickets (RM50 each) are available from any of the association’s committee members elected for the term 2013/2014 during the alumni’s annual general meeting on 26 July 2012.

Desmond Jerukan  (019-8177817)
Vice President
Joseph Chuo Kuong Liong 朱光亮  (013-8102211)
Nicholas Hu Kie Lik 胡启利  (012-8837376)
Asst. Secretary
Moses Wong King Kiu黄敬求    (012-9206788)
Wong Sung Seng 黄松声 (016-5756639)
Asst. Treasurer
Wong Chii Huo 黄子和 (016-8899270)
Public Relation Officer    
Thadeus Ling Ak Bartholonew Allu (013-8234977)
Asst. PR Officer
Alexius Barieng (016-8562077)

Committee Members
Stanley Ngu King Hieng吴锦贤          (016-8602000)
Hii Jing Song 许劲松                          (016-8085366)
Chua Chee Kiong                                (014-9922050)  
Henry Chuo                                          (0198292123)
Adrian Chung Wen Siong                     (019-8555088)

Bartholonew Ngieng严学樟             (012-8865252)

Peter Seo Kok Ing                               (012-8091691)
Lim Choon Yang林春                   (019-8879982)
Chieng Lee Ching                                (012-8866875)
Roland Ling Koh Wen 林高文         (019-8560536)
Thomas Ngu Toh Kai                         (019-8883811)
Ting Mui Soon陈梅                        (019-8565294)

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