08 August 2013

Eulogy for Brother Albinus

Posted by The Borneo Post 8.8.2012 (Photos are added by the Alumni)

THE following is a eulogy composed for the wake prayer mass on Aug 7 by Sacred Heart School (SHS) alumnus Roland Ling  (1963 to 1975) on behalf of the  SHS Alumni Association of Kuching:

     Roland Ling is in the back row standing third from the right. Upper Six Science (1975)


Dearest Brother Albinus

We knew you had reached quite an advanced age

And that you would be called to be with God one day

But we still feel that it’s all too soon


Our hearts are so heavy

We feel this emptiness, this unbearable loss


We knew you had lived a full, happy and exemplary life

And now you’re happy in heaven with God

But we still want you to be with us Because we miss you dearly


You came to Sibu in 1970

A towering figure in white


You became our teacher

our coach, our mentor

our father figure, our role model and our beloved BROTHER for 17 years and more


Your students first feared you, were awed by you, then understood you

They turned to respect you, and finally all loved you


You were a man of great talent, with qualities ensuring life’s success


You could have enjoyed fame, position and riches

But you chose to sail round half the world

Leaving loved ones and your beloved homeland


You obeyed God’s plan to serve and teach humble beings totally strange to you


You discovered talents in unseeming students

You instilled discipline and values as no one else could

You inspired and impacted young and old

We are what we are today because of you

You had touched the lives of thousands

You lived by your own staunch principles

You instilled the LaSallian spirit in us all

You were resolute and faithful to the end


How could we ever thank you enough?

How do we say goodbye?


Dearest Brother,

We love you and miss you dearly

Your legacy will live on with us

May you be with God now

Roland in prayers with Brother Albinus during the celebration of Brother's 83rd Birthday recently 14 June 2013


From Students of Sacred Heart Secondary School,

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