15 October 2010

23rd Alumni Dinner

The Sibu Sacred Heart Secondary School Alumni Association of Kuching successfully organised its 23rd Alumni Dinner at the Kenyalang Ballroom, Sarawak Club, Kuching. Pictures will be uploaded to this post once it has been processed, so do not forget to tune in.

The backdrop for the 23rd Alumni Annual Dinner symbolises the 23 years of Fellowship

The School Rally: The main committee of the Alumni singing the School Rally together with the Alumni members, gusts and families

Mr. Vincent Ting, the Sibu SHS Alumni Association Kuching delivers his maiden speech during the dinner

In full attention when Brother Albinus speaks

The music during the night was played by Dr. Bryan Lim 's two man guitar band

For All Lang Syne being sung at the end of the dinner

Alumni members were also happy to meet Brother Albinus and upon popular request he obliged them with this group photo

Alumni Treasurer Mr. Bartholomew Ngieng and his family at the dinner

Alumni members having fun at the table probably happy about the 2011 Budget presented by the Prime Minister that evening

Video taken at the end of the dinner during the 'All Lang Syne' song

As mentioned earlier more photos and info of the dinner will be uploaded as we get the photos from our assigned photographers. This page will be continuously updated as we receive information on scholarship recipients and students who were rewarded for their academic achievements..


steph said...
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Steveling said...

It's in full swing on the big day as you just celebrated this special day. I wish I was there. From Steve Ling/Melbourne Australa. (SHS Sibu Form V 1983).

Michael said...

Seems like there are only a few photos of the reunion dinner posted up on this site since last October. Where are the rest of the photos that would supposedly be posted up in future??

Michael said...

If the SHS Alumni Association really cares about our local communities and want to serve God in a deeper way(as Catholics/Christians), then you guys should organise more charity events or do volunteer works for various Clubs or Associations around Kuching or Sarawak.
Putting the annual reunion dinner as the main focus of the Alumni is a waste of human talent since we have so many accomplished Sacred Heart graduates on the Committee, what do you think?